S C O P E   A N D   G O A L
This macOS iPad app provides a comprehensive solution that helps schedule your event's meeting and goals. This app helps increase visibility, drive compliance, and save costs while improving engagement and the overall attendee experience all in one end-to-end platform.

D E S I G N   R A T I O N A L E
I performed a heuristic evaluation of the client's existing application and conducted user and stakeholder interviews to provide recommendations on how to improve the tool to address their needs. Taking into consideration my findings, the prototype has a redefined functionally to address stakeholder and user goals, as well as now visually aligns with the brand.

S E L E C T   Y E A R ,   S E R I E S   &   E V E N T
Select the year, series, or event to view the meetings for the particular event.
Dashboard will present the summary of all the scheduled, unscheduled, and additional meetings.
This screen will view all the meetings for vendors, delegates, speakers, and partners. You can view the meetings for each attendee category from the left navigation bar. The screen is facilitated by search and filters functionality.
M E E T I N G S   D E T A I L
This screen will view all the meetings for each company for the scheduled date and time.You can change the status of each meeting and add a meeting.
C H A N G E   M E E T I N G   S T A T U S
By clicking on any meeting box from meeting list, you can change the status of a particular meeting.
A D D   M E E T I N G
By clicking on the add-meeting button you can add a meeting by selecting the attendee and time slot.
A T T E N D E E   P R O F I L E   &   M E E T I N G   C H O I C E S
By clicking on the attendee button, you can view the profile and meeting choices of an attendee.